The Youth Justice Act 1981 is an act of parliament that is currently being debated in the House of Commons and was put before the house by Patrick Kerslake, the Home Secretary. The act deals with punishments for young criminals and is currently in it's third reading.

The Vital Statistics Edit

The Act proposes to:

  • Establish Youth Citation Orders as punishments that may be assigned to youths aged between 12 and 21
  • Replace the Caution System
  • Allow a Court to impose a sentence of Community Restitution Order in lieu of a fine

Reception Edit

Put forward by the Conservatives, the act has been hotly debated in the House of Commons. The Home Secretary has stated that this act "presents two innovations to the justice system which will work to uphold the rule of law, provide a rehabilitative deterrent to juvenile criminality and reduce rates of recidivism among youth as they grow" but the Shadow Home Secretary has stated his belief that the Act "revoke(s) the freedoms and the rights of youths". The Prime Minister has made several statements in favour of the act but it looks to be opposed by the Labour, Liberal and SDP parties.

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