The 2nd leadership election of 1981 for the Conservatives was held after the incumbent Prime Minister Robert George Grosvenor resigned for health reasons. The election was won by Deputy-Prime Minister Robert Noble-Gordon.

Start of the ElectionEdit

Noble-Gordon was nominated for the election by the then Chief Whip Roland Knightly and Employment Secretary Giles Moore. He accepted the nomination. Education Secretary Vincent Garton was nominated by former Environment Secretary Aloysius Thorpe and seconded by backbench MP Alfred Gooch. Garton accepted.


The results were delivered by the 1922 committee:

  • Vincent Thaddeus Garton - 108 votes - 32% of the vote
  • Robert Noble-Gordon - 230 votes - 68% of the vote

Noble-Gordon met with the Queen where he was asked to form the new Government.

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