Charlotte Fairfax
Member of Parliament
Born 1st December 1926
Full name Charlotte Rose Fairfax
Constituency Bolsover
Political Party Labour
Religion Jewish
Spouse Nicholas Wade
Office(s) Held Shadow Energy Secretary (February 1981 - April 1981), Shadow Social Services Secretary (April 1981 - August 1981), Shadow Employment Secretary (August 1981 - November 1981), Shadow Foreign Secretary (November 1981 - November 1982)

Charlotte Rose Fairfax MP BA (Hons) is a British Labour politician who currently represents the constituency of the Bolsover.

Early Life Edit

Charlotte Fairfax was born in Port Sunlight, Wirral to a retired publican, Robert Fairfax (deceased) and his wife Sarah Maxwell. The youngest of 6 children, she was educated at Wirral Grammar School for Girls in Bebington and went on to study History at Newcastle University. After obtaining a Bachelor's Degree, Fairfax became a teacher in Birkenhead before serving as a Head Teacher in Chesterfield. After a spell as a parliamentary researcher for Harold Neal, she was elected MP for Bolsover in 1970. She has been married twice with her first marriage ending in divorce.

She has one son, Alastair, and 3 grandchildren.

Parliamentary Career Edit

Originally elected to represent the constituency of Bolsover in the 1970 General Election, Fairfax was appointed Shadow Secretary of State for Energy in March 1981 by Richard Chapman.

Subsequently she was moved to shadow the Department of Social Security in April 1981. With the election of JP Kepplin as leader, Fairfax was again moved to the position of Shadow Employment Secretary in August 1981.

She was criticised by The Sun newspaper for her opposition to the wedding plans of The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, suggesting that the parents of the groom foot the bill.

Fairfax is also a very active member of the Labour Friends of Israel.

In November 1981, Charlotte partially achieved her political objective. Under JP Kepplin she was appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary. In the long term Charlie wants to be Foreign Secretary for a Labour Government. However for personal reasons, a year later she resigned as Shadow Foreign Secretary.