Dafydd Duggan, M.A. (Lond.), M.P.
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Constituency Caerphilly
Religion Church in Wales
Spouse Elizabeth Duggan
Predecessor Alfred Evans
Successor Incumbent

Dafydd Edward Duggan , M.A. (Lond.), M.P. (October 23rd, 1936-) is a Welsh Labour Member of Parliament. Before becoming an MP he worked as a member of faculty and lecturer at the University of Swansea from 1960 to 1970, before being placed on extended leave in order to contest the Labour Party nomination for his home constituency. He was subsequently chosen by the Caerphilly Labour Constituency Organization and has been an MP for Caerphilly since being elected to his seat in the 1970 General Election with a majority of 12,882.

Early life and Career before Parliament Edit

Dafydd Duggan was born in the city of Caerphilly in 1936 to Thomas and Mary (neé Jones) Duggan, a middle class family connected to administration of the local Rhymney Railway. His father Thomas Duggan (b. 1900 - d. 1971) worked as a local clerk for the Great Western Railway. His mother Mary Duggan was born to a coal mining family, marrying Thomas in 1931 eventually giving birth to two sons and two daughters, of which Dafydd was the third. Having been educated in state schools, he graduated from secondary school in 1954 and attended the University of Wales in Cardiff where he graduated BA with an interest in European History in 1956; he later finished his education after graduating from the University of London First Class Honours MA in 1959.

In 1960 he obtained a position as a Lecturer at the University of Swansea, working with a specialty in European History during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. While at Swansea he met his future wife Elizabeth, who was at the time working as a secretary for British Railways. Marrying in 1962, Dafydd and Elizabeth have three children; Morgan (b. 1964), Lindsay (b. 1968), Mary (b. 1973). The family currently manages a residence in Caerphilly.

Political life and Election to Parliament Edit

Dafydd Duggan's father Thomas had been a member of the Labour Party and brought Dafydd as a child on the election campaigns of 1945 and 1950. Dafydd upon graduating from secondary school in 1954 himself joined the Labour Party, taking part while in University in the elections of 1955 while at Cardiff and in 1959 while at the University of London. After the political retirement of Caerphilly Labour MP Alfred Evans, Duggan challenged for the Labour nomination in a traditionally safe Labour seat, winning the nomination and eventually winning his seat in 1970 with a majority of 12,882.

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