David Keenan Berk
Member of Parliament
David Keenan Berk
Born 18th June 1938
Full name David Keenan Berk
Constituency Arundel
Political Party Conservative
Religion Jewish
Spouse Victoria Davenport
Office(s) Held Foreign Secretary

'David Keenan Berk (b. 18th June 1938) is a British Conservative politician who currently represents the constituency of Arundel.

Early Life[]

David Keenan Berk was born in Arundel, Scotland. He was educated at the University of Edinburgh, studying law. As a solicitor, he specialised in International Law and was based in Arundel. He married Victoria Davenport and has three children, David, Lee and Dorothy. He is of Jewish extraction.

Political Career[]

Keenan Berk was elected MP for Arundel in 1971. He was made Shadow Foreign Secretary in 1977, a post he served in until becoming Foreign Secretary in the Thatcher adminstration of 1979.

Office(s) Held:
British Coat of Arms
Foreign Secretary