Dylan Henry Winters MP MSc (born 17th July 1961) is a British Conservative politician and a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

Dylan Winters
Dylan Winters MP Msc
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Born 17th of July 1991
Full name Dylan Henry Winters
Constituency Broxbourne
Political Party The Conservative Party
Religion Methodist
Spouse Elizabeth (née Maynard)
Office(s) Held Shadow Transport Secretary

Shadow Health Secretary

Early Life[]

Dylan Winters was born to a middle class family in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire. His father is James Winters (b.1928), a bank manager, and his mother is Sarah Winters (b.1931). had a brother, Paul Winters (b.1959) and sister, Melissa Winters (b.1962). He attended grammar school at Cheshunt school from the age of 11, before going on to King's College London to read Chemistry in 1979. In 1982, after obtaining a first class honours degree in chemistry he took a masters in Chemical Engineering at University College London. He began work as a lab researcher for Beecham's plc. in 1985 and became a manager at SmithKIineBeecham in 1990. He met his wife Elizabeth Winters (née Maynard) through work in 1987 and they married in 1989.

Political Career[]

A member of his local Conservative Association since the age of 25, he was eventually asked to run for Broxbourne Borough Council in 1992, for the Goffs oak ward, and won the safe seat easily. After a term on the Borough council in 1996, he was selected as the Conservative PPC for Broxbourne in the 1997 election, after Marion Roe's decision to retire as MP. He made it to parliament in 1997 after winning the safe seat for the Conservatives, and soon was elevated to the Shadow cabinet as shadow for transport and health in February 1999.

During his tenure as Shadow Health Secretary, Dylan Winters unveiled a Conservative green paper on NHS reform.


Dylan Winters is considered to be a centrist in the current Conservative Party; he is comparatively more pro-European than his colleagues, but believes that Britain must be in Europe to change it and that at present the EU is wasteful and inefficient. Perhaps considered a 'wet', he is in favour of progressive taxation within reason, and believes in the importance of the welfare state to Britain. However he is a strong supporter of public-sector reform, especially in health and education.

Political Positions[]

May 1997 - MP for Broxbourne

February 1999 - Shadow Secretary for Transport

February 1999 - Shadow Secretary for Health