James Kennedy
Liberal Party Leader
Born March 16 1943
Constituency Liverpool Edge Hill
Political Party Liberal Party
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse Juliet Sheehan-Kennedy
Children John Kennedy (b. 9th of August, 1976)

Felicity Kennedy (b. 11th of January, 1978) Michelle Kennedy (b. 22nd of June, 1979)

James Kennedy (b.1943) is a British Politician, Member of Parliament and Liberal Party Leader. He has been Leader of the Liberals since June of 1981.

Life Before Politics Edit

James Kennedy was born in Dover March 16, 1943, the Son of Francis and Lauren Kennedy. Francis served as a RAF captain during WWII and a PR Manager Post war while his mother taught Latin and Greek. James Kennedy was the 2nd eldest of 5 siblings, 3 boys and 2 girls.

Immediately after his father's discharge from service, the family moved to the Sutton District of London. James attended Bandon Hill Primary and later Wimbledon College for secondary school and A levels. At Wimbledon, he was a member of the golf team.