Lee Newman
Member of Parliament
Born 26th April 1924
Full name Lee William Edward Newman
Constituency Henley
Political Party Conservative
Religion Church of England
Spouse Geraldine Newman
Office(s) Held Chief Whip of the Conservative Party

The Rt. Hon. Lee Newman MP is a Conservative Party MP for Henley.

Early LifeEdit

Lee Newman was born on 26th April 1924 to Henry Newman, a doctor, and Edwina Newman in Henley, one of four children. During childhood, Newman was a very hard working student and did extradonarily well in all his classes. At secondary school, Newman produced the same standard of work, and was accepted into Cambridge, where he recieved his masters in law.

Pre-political careerEdit

He set up a private law firm called Newman & Co., which specialised in corporate law. The business was very succesful. It was through Newman & Co. that he met his future wife, Geraldine Dryton.

Political careerEdit

Lee Newman was elected as MP for Henley in the 1959 General Election. In 1972, Lee Newman was appointed the first Secretary of State for Northern Ireland. For a brief time in 1973, Newman was Secretary of State for Northern Ireland and Leader of the House of Commons, to which he was appointed to in 1973. Newman was the Leader of the House of Commons, until the Feburary 1974 election defeat. He is currently the Chief Whip of the Conservative Party.

Private lifeEdit

Lee Newman is married to Geraldine Newman nee Dryton. They have three children: Mary, Barbara and John.