Welcome to PolUK wiki, the online encyclopedia for players of the political simulation RPG, Politics UK. Here, you'll not only find biographies of MPs but you'll also find helpful guides to legislation and world events that you may have missed. Voting records can also be found as well as in-depth guides to policy decisions and cross referencing of the politics of the day! Feel free to edit but before you do, take a little look at our rules. Welcome and enjoy.

Did you know....?

  • You can familiarize yourself with the recent past by looking at the articles for 1972, 1973 and 1974.
  • Do you know who Enoch Powell is? You can get to know some familiar 70s faces by looking at our celebrities section.
  • A new round has started? Now we're playing in the Swingin' Seventies (although in Politics, Swing has a totally different meaning).
  • You will soon be able to read back a compilation of the important events of the 80s round?

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