Millicent Calvert
Member of Parliament
Born 2nd June 1921
Full name Millicent Gloria Calvert
Constituency Chichester
Political Party Conservative
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse Anthony Calvert
Office(s) Held Secretary of State for Social Services

The Rt Hon. Millicent 'Milly' Gloria Calvert BA MP née Addamson (b. 2nd June 1921) is a British Conservative politician who currently represents the constituency of Chichester. She is married to lawyer, Anthony Calvert and lives in Fernhurst, Chichester where she served as Local Councillor before becoming MP for the constituency.

Early Life Edit

Millicent Calvert (known as Milly) was born in the Vale of Aylesbury to Robert Addamson, a doctor, and Gilliam Kampton, a teacher. She was one of five daughters. As her father was a devout Roman Catholic, she was educated firstly by the Sisters of St Mary's Dominican Convent in a small class of 15 pupils. She excelled in religious knowledge, history and latin but disappointed her mother by not following a vocation as a nun. Calvert attended Aylesbury Grammar School from the age of 11, having completed the 11+ exam. At the age of 18, she left and secured a place at the University of Chichester where she read literature. She returned to Chichester with a Bachelor's Degree and obtained a position as assistant to Lancelot Joynson-Hicks, MP for Chichester.

Political Career Edit

Calvert joined the Conservative Party in 1947. In the General Election of 1959, Milly Calvert was elected Conservative Member of Parliament for Chichester when her former employer resigned. She entered parliament in the same year as Margaret Thatcher.

Her maiden speech was to deliver her thoughts on the Obscene Publications Act 1959 which strengthened the law concerning pornography. In her address, Calvert said; "It is a disgrace to any nation that values women to have a backdoor industry trading in degrading filth that we must condemn for it's portrayal of women as objects for sexual gratification". Calvert's performance in parliament soon got her noticed and was made Parliamentary Secretary for Social Services in 1962, a position she held for 2 years before going into Opposition in 1964. In 1970, Edward Heath brough Calvert back to the front line of British politics as Health Secretary, a post she held until 1974. She served as Opposition spokesperson for Social Services until 1979 but was not asked to be a part of the Thatcher administration.

In 1981, she was appointed DHSS Secretary. As part of a "three promise deal", Calvert promised a Salmonella Awareness Campaign, new Standards of Cleanliness for the NHS and a Nurses bill of rights.

Private Life Edit

Calvert's interests include horse riding, travelling and sailing. She is a keen photographer and collects Murano glassware. She has been married to her husband Anthony for 24 years but the couple have no children. Calvert is also a member of the Women's Institute and the National Viewers' and Listeners' Association.

Voting Record Edit

Calvert voted for the Suicide Act 1961, for the Peerage Act 1963 but against the Abortion Act 1967. She also voted against the Sexual Offences Act 1967. She supported Reginald Maudling in the 1965 Conservative leadership election and Margaret Thatcher in the 1975 election.

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