Richard Calvert
Member of Parliament
Richard Calvert 2
Born 18th March 1944 (30 Years Old)
Full name Richard Charles Cecilius Calvert
Constituency Penistone
Political Party Labour
Religion Roman Catholic
Spouse None
Office(s) Held Mayor, Penistone (1970-1974)

Councilor, Penistone (1966-1970)

The Hon. Richard Charles Cecilius Calvert (b. 18th March 1944) is a British Labour politician who currently represents the constituency of Penistone. Mr. Calvert formally served the town of Penistone as Mayor, adn Councilor. Calvert currently has no leadership responsibilities.

Early Life Edit

Richard Charles Cecilius Calvert, Member of Parliament for Penistone, was born on the 18th of March 1944; to Charles Lord Calvert (descendant from the Lords Baltimore) and Lady Marianne Somerset Calvert. He was born the only child of the Lord, and Lady on the Calvert family estate, Penistone Manor.

His earliest education until the age of eight was completed on the manor by a private tutor, until he was sent to the historic Penistone Grammar School, where he excelled in many area especially public speaking, history, and government. Mr. Calvert finished out his secondary education at the prestigious Eton College.

Military Career Edit

Upon Calvert's completion of Eton College at age eight-teen, Calvert enlisted into the Royal Navy, where for one year he served as a C-List Enlisted man serving in Australia.

The following year Calvert as called back to London to serve in the Offices of the Admiralty. alver served with such distinction, that he was promoted to the Lieutenan within the Admitalty. Before retiring to manage his family estate in Penistone.

Political CareerEdit

Soon after Calvert’s return, his family’s history, and present prominence made him a candidate for Councilor, a position which he eventually sought, and won.

During his tenure a Councilor the village celebrated the creation of the public radio station, and the expanding of the local historic market, do to Mr. Calvert’s efforts. During his tenure as Councilor, Calvert continued to run the family Estate, which during this time increased production by 20%, and an 10% increase of employmment.

In 1970 after one term as Councilor Mr. Calvert was elected the Mayor of the small village of Penistone. Under his administration a community center was erected, along with the restoration of the historic St. John the Baptist Church. His administraion also witnessed the create of the local Little Leage teams, in Football(Soccer), Basketball, and Rugby. His term as mayor also witnessed the paving of the towns dirt roads. He was the first mayor in the small towns history to recieve a wage. After one term as Mayor, Calvert was elected to Parliament.

His election to Parliamant came as a surprise to most outside of the Penistone and South Yorkshire community, bacause of his age, and political expiernce. Despite those questions Calvert defeated his opponent soundly to be elected to Parliament.

Personal LifeEdit

Mr. Calvert is currently unmarried, with four children, all girls. He currently manages his family estate, which is the largest employer of people in the village of Penistone. Calvert stands to inherit his father's title.

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