Welcome to PolUK Wikia! This has been in production since the beginning of the 2000s round, making it ready for the round that will now be played in the 1980s. What you'll see looking around is that alot of effort has been taken to gather as much information as possible to make the Wikia instantly useful for players without them having to put in any work but this doesn't mean you're not free to edit your own entry or to start new pages. This does have limits however and so please take a little look at our rules before you edit pages.


Templates must under NO circumstances be edited.

Starting Pages[]

Feel free to start new pages. Before you do however, please search the article title in the search box to your left. It may be that there is already a page and that you can help by elaborating on it rather than starting an identical page. If you are an MP looking for your biography page, please look at the List of MPs where you'll find your page.

Deleting Pages[]

Pages on PolUK wikia are NEVER deleted. Pages in the wiki format have often been compiled with special script that may affect more than the page you're deleting. Similarly, files may be uploaded but they must not take the file name of another file. Files must not be deleted. If people take it upon themselves to delete a stack of pages, the other wiki pages will develop holes and gaps and this generally makes more work for those who are trying to keep wiki up to date. We'd ask that if you want to delete a page, you contact the PolUK wiki admin.

Biography Pages[]

Biography pages are intended to act as an on-going political record. Every MP is entitled to one and every MP is entitled to edit their own page but pages will be checked weekly and may require sources to verify information. Information that cannot be verified will be deleted. MPs are asked not to spam other MPs biography pages and if this is a continuous problem, individuals may be prevented from editing pages on the PolUK wiki.

Voting Records[]

Every piece of legislation passed will have a voting record on wiki. Please allow the admins to compile this to avoid confusion.

PolUK AVs[]

Please DO NOT pester PolUK avs with queries or complaints about the PolUK wikia. Any worries, concerns, suggestions or ideas can be directed to Milly Calvert.